Cs 710 unit 2 Social Networks

As with any technology, range, speed, and customizability, is the overall goal of the tool.  Social networks can provide this but what are the pros and cons. Pros: visibility – sites like facebook are the new teenage hangout.  For direct visibility,  schools need to be where the student are.  Here is an opportunity to connect with our students. Culture/image –  visually ours schools can undo some of the negativity that exists about them.  Images of students at work, or engaged in school spirited frivolity, or community service can act as a digital ambassador to indirect stakeholders like community businesses and senior … Continue reading Cs 710 unit 2 Social Networks

Cs 710 unit 2 Twitter

Twitter! “To talk lightly and rapidly, especially of trivial matters; chatter” or “to tremble with excitement or the like; be in a flutter.” (dictionary.com)  My experience with Twitter has been to avoid it!  From the moment I saw congressmen defiantly avert their eyes from a presidential address to spew sarcasm and disdain through their cellphones, I wanted nothing to do with it.  I saw it as talking under one’s breath; constant jabbing!  But it may actually have some value. Twitter is an instantaneous information system.  If need arises, and all that “need” follow the tweets, information such as emergencies, reminders, encouragement, and warnings … Continue reading Cs 710 unit 2 Twitter

CS 710 Social Bookmarking

Consolidation, streamlining, efficiency, ergonomics; these words are all excellent descriptors for social book marking.  My personal thoughts always lead to “how can I make (x) easier, faster, smoother.”  I have not used social bookmarking up to this point but It sounds like something I would be interested in pursuing further.  I like the idea of compiling information into one place for easy locating and sharing. I am not a fan of social media in schools.  I prefer a school website and a robocall for the disbursement  of information to the stakeholder masses.  I want general information to go one way; … Continue reading CS 710 Social Bookmarking

CS 710 Wikis

Okay, the last entry was a somewhat professional style, paper like look at blogging.  This entry seems more personal and conversational…. Like a diary or personal log. I don’t get wiki’s!  Yes, I have used Wikipedia.  Yes, I have taught students to both use and avoid Wikipedia.  Why?  Because anyone can add anything to the content of Wikipedia!  Yes, there is useful information but it must be checked and triple check elsewhere for accuracy. According to or text, a wiki could be used like a Google doc for quick sharing and saving of ideas.  I’ve worked with a system like … Continue reading CS 710 Wikis

CS 710 Blogs

Blogging is another tool in a teacher’s satchel of pedagogical techniques to engage students in higher level thinking, and interactive learning/communication. My own use of blogging  has been nonexistent until this class.  Technology, in general, is anything that make daily life easier or practical. Be it a cave painting, a diary, or (now) a blog, the ideas of personal expression, and documentation of experiences are continued through different technological media.  As with anything, positives and negatives to this latest manifestation persist. Blogging could be championed by its supporters as interactive, allowing students the opportunity to participate directly in their instruction … Continue reading CS 710 Blogs

Week 1 of 8

Testing, testing, one, two, three……testing, testing….can you hear me? What to do, where to be, when to do it, how to referee….? To continue or not is the question at hand. BE THE LEADER! Is that still my plan? Money, responsibility, change, control……versus effective, efficient, diplomatic, legal… Representation, diversification, inspiration… What about parent/student obligation? The future is vague and inevitable at best… “Trudge on, fight the good fight, don’t give up the ship,” Dad suggests! So summer…steps forward…only G knows the rest…… I’m committed to this next challenge! Lest….? Continue reading Week 1 of 8