CC Resources

Call me confused but I just don’t get it.  I had more difficulty using and altering cc images with licenses permitting such alterations than I did with unfiltered items.  Copy, paste, done for any random picture on the internet. Not so with dear cc! With the debate going on at the moment over the confederate flag and racial tensions, I wanted to convey my own opinion on the subject.  I was looking for the image of a rebel flag.  The image is essential an x.  I wanted to cross reference that with a Nazi flag showing it’s X and projections. … Continue reading CC Resources

Acceptable Use Policy

May 25, 2005.  That is the date of the current acceptable use policy in my school district.  It’s 10 years old!  As I read through it I like that fact that it give clear definitions of terms immediately.  After that it seems to become a legal mumbo jumbo for district CYA.  The funny thing is, I think most users are violating bits of the policy on a daily basis!  The document needs an undated time and specific examples. “Students will not be advised or encouraged by school staff to obtain free e-mail accounts through commercial providers (e.g., Hotmail, etc.) for … Continue reading Acceptable Use Policy


As much as I hate the ubiquitous cellphone intrusions in the classroom the word ubiquitous may be a misnomer.   The go to gift and/or child desire has been various electronic devices (beats headphones, tablets, laptops,) but none like the cell phone.  With each new iteration, teenagers and adults anticipate releases in stores and online as if a new family member were coming home. But, does that mean everybody has one?  Can a person survive without one? Can a person survive without a ….SMART one?   Can a person be educated without one? Does a person need an unlimited data plan to … Continue reading BYOD


Mind mapping is digital  brainstorming.  Anyone can contribute anything to the framework and solve each others questions (hopefully these solutions/answers are correct).  Instead of having a bulky awkward hard copy of the framework, constructed only by those physically present, the digital framework allows for input from around the world and stores simply as data.  So sayeth the text book by Mcleod and Lehmann. Continue reading Mindmapping

Online Tool Suites

This chapter of our text book may as well be title Google Stuff.  Google cloud, docs, maps, apps, mail, calendar; it’s all free.  Put it on their servers not yours. Be organized and efficient. One should be that Google or not! I work in a large school system and worked in an even larger one before that (9+ high schools!)  Choosing online tool suites,  and course management systems are the kind of decisions that are made by a designated person in the district.  Typically it is neither organized nor efficient as the two systems cannot operate together or at least … Continue reading Online Tool Suites

Digital Video

Story telling was once education: morality training, passed on experience for youth preparedness, community bonding, instructional allegory. As with nearly everything in our society, technology simply changes the way in which actions happen. So telling a story now is done with pencil, paper and the written word, then ink, paint, and a storyboard, then moving pictures and sound.   Making a movie is telling a story. Telling a story is teaching.  In any teaching, learning also takes place. Students making movies or digital videos can be a way to take hours of effort and funnel it in to mere seconds … Continue reading Digital Video

Course Management Systems

In an earlier post I talked about 1:1 schools and the questions they need to answer before setting off on their quest for paperless computer dependency.  Okay, that’s extreme, but not too far off.  A proper Course Management System will help with some of the pitfalls of the 1:1 school district.  These CMS are some of the software needed to make things work smoothly. How will students receive computer assignments?  Where can they get handouts and other resources for the class?  Where do they turn in assignment? Where is their incomplete material stored prior to submission? For how long? Is … Continue reading Course Management Systems

Gaming?! IN SCHOOL??!!!

Yes, gaming…   My first experience with gaming in school was dying of dysentery.   ( The good old Apple IIe with it’s giant (truly) floppy disk provided the 80’s kids with their first educational computer encounter.  Of course Atari and Colecovision were the coveted technological toys of the time, but in school classrooms Oregon Trail was time away from books for us students yet still learning time to the teachers.  We were still learning while having fun!  We were learning history, decision making (choosing supplies), how to use a computer, computer etiquette, sharing (the one computer), how staring at … Continue reading Gaming?! IN SCHOOL??!!!

1:1 District

Books can be heavy, backbreaking, back pack filling, lunch squashing, P.E. clothes stink absorbing, easy to leave at home forgetfully, annoyances.  Ever see these hunched over children using their entire body weight to counter balance the five books and three binders in their army, oops (back), packs trudging home from school? ( ( Technically, a 1:1 (1 to 1 for those who forget ratio notation) school district, properly executed, could alleviate this problem.  Imagine: ( Isn’t that better, the right size back pack with the same amount of information?  In a 1:1 district there is one computing devise (laptop, tablet, … Continue reading 1:1 District

CS 710 Mobile Learning

The title says it all: where ever you have a cell phone, you potentially have a classroom.  Individualization, instant feedback, world access, are all benefits to such practices.  But is it worth the fight? Our text suggests providing cell phone to students and restricting their capabilities.  To the expense of whom?  Don’t forget the repair contingency? The book also suggests rules (many of which are already in place at many schools causing an unbearable backlog of disciplinary referrals and punishments) by which to govern the perfectly obedient children. Okay, so yes, cellphones are essentially tiny computers that could entertain/engage students … Continue reading CS 710 Mobile Learning