CC Resources

Call me confused but I just don’t get it.  I had more difficulty using and altering cc images with licenses permitting such alterations than I did with unfiltered items.  Copy, paste, done for any random picture on the internet. Not so with dear cc!

With the debate going on at the moment over the confederate flag and racial tensions, I wanted to convey my own opinion on the subject.  I was looking for the image of a rebel flag.  The image is essential an x.  I wanted to cross reference that with a Nazi flag showing it’s X and projections.  Basically, when I see a Confederate flag, I see the same separatist, elitist, genocidal, symbolism as the Nazi swastika.  My image would have been a swastika in stars crossing bars coloring.  Ironically, someone else had the same idea and actually created such an image!

My point in this blog, however, is not political rhetoric.  My point is that is was easier to copy and paste this image into this (not for profit) blog than it was to select the alterable images to make it!  I found the two flags (and a NFL Redskins one too) but could not get them to copy, paste, edit, download, anything.  The computer said they downloaded but only as links to the given webpages!  To quote Captain Jack “That was just maddeningly unhelpful!”

So, as the name of this blog implies, we play the game called school!  I gabbed a couple of random cc images with educational allegory to fulfill the assignment.  So much for dramatic statement of current events!


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