Digital Video

Story telling was once education: morality training, passed on experience for youth preparedness, community bonding, instructional allegory. As with nearly everything in our society, technology simply changes the way in which actions happen. So telling a story now is done with pencil, paper and the written word, then ink, paint, and a storyboard, then moving pictures and sound.   Making a movie is telling a story. Telling a story is teaching.  In any teaching, learning also takes place.

Students making movies or digital videos can be a way to take hours of effort and funnel it in to mere seconds to hours of authentic….assessment!   A common style of education in my undergrad training was the reciprocal style from Muska Mosston that suggested teachers create a task sheet that demonstrated skills to the “observer” student that they could then micro teacher their “doer” classmate.  The teacher would then give feedback only to the observer such that they would in turn provide feedback to their doer. ( Eventually the doer and observer would trade places. Making a movie turns each student into that observer/teaching student.  Maybe their eye will find a different way instruct their peers than that of their teacher. Students can convey their understanding of material in a creative fashion given the tools and guidance to do so.  Each one teach one as mom use to say….


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