Cs 710 unit 2 Social Networks

As with any technology, range, speed, and customizability, is the overall goal of the tool.  Social networks can provide this but what are the pros and cons.


visibility – sites like facebook are the new teenage hangout.  For direct visibility,  schools need to be where the student are.  Here is an opportunity to connect with our students.

Culture/image –  visually ours schools can undo some of the negativity that exists about them.  Images of students at work, or engaged in school spirited frivolity, or community service can act as a digital ambassador to indirect stakeholders like community businesses and senior citizens.


too much information – this can easily become a slippery slope of scandalous behavior/input from “friends/followers.”

Will a picture of a teenager and his/her friend that may contain the principal in the background drinking a beer (as the parent of one of the teenagers) at the other teen’s (parent thrown) graduation party cause a stir in the building/community?


One thought on “Cs 710 unit 2 Social Networks

  1. There is always that potential, we as educators need to be as well informed as to how to protect ourselves and keep our private lives private. The best way to know how is to be on top of all of the technology tools kids use today. Try and stay on top of things is difficult, but somewhere in all this technology and social access there are moments of learning.


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