CS 710 Mobile Learning

The title says it all: where ever you have a cell phone, you potentially have a classroom.  Individualization, instant feedback, world access, are all benefits to such practices.  But is it worth the fight?

Our text suggests providing cell phone to students and restricting their capabilities.  To the expense of whom?  Don’t forget the repair contingency? The book also suggests rules (many of which are already in place at many schools causing an unbearable backlog of disciplinary referrals and punishments) by which to govern the perfectly obedient children.

Okay, so yes, cellphones are essentially tiny computers that could entertain/engage students and individualize their educational experience. But, any tool in any student’s hand, be it pencil or computer, can be as useful or useless as the influences from the factors in the home.  Without the value of education to begin with, that information tornado of a mini laptop is simply another distraction to fight in an already embattled classroom.


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