CS 710 Social Bookmarking

Consolidation, streamlining, efficiency, ergonomics; these words are all excellent descriptors for social book marking.  My personal thoughts always lead to “how can I make (x) easier, faster, smoother.”  I have not used social bookmarking up to this point but It sounds like something I would be interested in pursuing further.  I like the idea of compiling information into one place for easy locating and sharing.

I am not a fan of social media in schools.  I prefer a school website and a robocall for the disbursement  of information to the stakeholder masses.  I want general information to go one way; school outward (with approval).  Individually, concerns can come inward via email, conversation, or letter but not for the view of the public.  However, with social media protocols in place and functioning, the idea of bookmarking is valuable in that all shared information from social sites can be channeled into the same place.


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